"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest-- Benjamin Franklin "

Every organization is anything but the essence of its people.


Boundary Holding is next-generation technology fund, based out of Luxembourg, which invests globally in both young and established companies dealing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Boundary Holding invests with a philosophy to promote entrepreneurship and use it as a tool to make the world a better and safer place.


BOUNDARY Holding’s mission is to become a global synonym of excellence with regard to investment undertakings in potential companies, initiating or operating on the popular technology of SMAC Stack and Machine Learning. The organization continually strives to sustain and enhance the overall functionality of the companies it invests in, supporting them with all adequate professional requirements.


The company envisions to work diligently accomplishing numerous successful investment projects, amply supporting the promising start-up ventures in the market and thus, adequately contributing to the country’s economy. Supporting all utility-based AI business concepts across diverse sectors, we ensure our association with a booming technology of tomorrow.