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By Singer I.

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It is paradoxical, but the other lane always seems to go faster. Nevertheless, as soon as we join this “fast” lane, it turns out that in fact the lane we have just left is now the faster-moving one. Drivers who constantly change lanes jeopardize their own safety and that of others, but on average, ironically, they do not actually end up going any faster. N. 1007/978-3-642-04833-3_6, C Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010 23 24 FIGURING IT OUT This is an intriguing problem. So much so that two statisticians decided to investigate it using a mathematical model and computer simulations.

The first puzzle was published there in 2004 by the Conway Daily Sun of New Hampshire. In 2005, the New York Post started publishing sudokus regularly. Now, sudokus appear everywhere. Puzzles can even be downloaded to cellphones. From New Zealand to Serbia, from Israel to South Africa, millions of people spend leisure time entering numbers in sudokus every day of the week. The sudoku is a puzzle that is typical of the 21st century. It consists of numbers, not words, it can travel the globe extremely rapidly, across language barriers.

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