BOUNDARY Holding is a family office fund, a funding institution that supports all early stage companies in their innovative ventures in the vast business market across the globe. The BOUNDARY Holding family office fund has been constituted with the amount set aside from the sale of the Kumar family’s well-established information security training, consulting & outsourcing company which specializes in aviation, defense and other government markets. Their firm owned a vast employee base of around 700 with over 75 training and service centers; it has trained over 83000 candidates worldwide.

The family banks upon its strong IIT, Delhi collaborations and having excelled in their unique distinction of securing India’s President House and all international airports of India. Our family office investment venture is particularly crucial to the foundation and progress of the fresh enterprises coming along with their fresh, novel business ideas into the corporate scenario. We extend support to both the first-timers as well as the more established ones starting with a primary project in the field. As the companies are yet to settle in with the venture and sensibly organize their business functionalities directed to meet the end-objectives, we have them rather concentrate on the core while we take care of their early stage as well as the growth capital.

BOUNDARY starts contributing to all its associated businesses right from the inception phase going ahead into the technological & academic development to more sophisticated operations and critical stages of settlement. BOUNDARY Holding has created a USD 50 million fund to be invested in selected early stage companies worldwide.