A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising by J. C. McKeown PDF

By J. C. McKeown

ISBN-10: 0195393759

ISBN-13: 9780195393750

"A cupboard of Roman Curiousities" is subtitled "Strange stories and mind-blowing evidence from the World's maximum Empire." i presumed it sounded attention-grabbing and will be a enjoyable learn. it truly is truly lovely attention-grabbing, yet it is not that enjoyable. it truly is primarily a thesaurus of Roman evidence prepared byt subject (family, nutrition, the military, etc.) yet after the 1st couple of tidbits in each one part, it's stretching to be enjoyable. The proof are, good, simply genuine. it truly is most likely a greater ebook for choosing up and examining an excerpt or at a time than a entrance to again learn. i attempted to learn it via and received bored, yet flipping round pages was once interesting adequate.

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When he was dedicating a piece of silver plate to the gods, he had the engraver inscribe the names Marcus and Tullius, and then complete the sequence with a representation of a chickpea (Plutarch Life of Cicero 1). n a mes Greeks also could have what seem to us rather peculiar names. The Spartans Sauras (“Lizard”) and Batrachos (“Frog”) built the temples in the Portico of Octavia in Rome. 42). • 23 There are several lizards and frogs lurking in the foliage on the lower frieze on the outer screen surrounding the Ara Pacis (the Altar of Augustan Peace).

When the Romans repulsed the chariots, they jeered and clapped their hands, calling for more to be sent out, just as if they were at the races in the Circus. . By the same tactic of closing in fast, the Romans gave Mithridates’ archers no room to draw their bows, forcing them to try to repulse their sword-wielding enemies with handfuls of arrows (Plutarch Life of Sulla 18, 21). Perhaps as many as a million people died in Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul. , almost the whole tribe of the Nervii, along with their name, was wiped out.

He lost his right to a triumph because he sabotaged the transfer of command by: • • • granting retirement to all who wanted it; giving leave without asking for reasons or fixing time limits; making the stores of grain vulnerable to looters by dismissing the guards; t he a rmy • • • 37 ordering the Cretan archers’ bows and arrows to be broken and thrown into the river; denying fodder to the elephants. 7). Sometimes a general should ride along the battle line and (if he happens to be on the right wing) shout to his men, “Our left wing is defeating the enemy right” (and vice versa if he is on the left).

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