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By Mason Brown (Ed.)

ISBN-10: 1441664378

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This definition could logi- I to manipulate and handle. Very cally be applied to knitted fab- I long wearing. Most of it launrics or fabrics of pile conStrliC- ders well. It is fairly sheer. tion, but it is preferable to em- Could be piece dyed or printed. g, 'stitch I Has a slight rippled texture. Heavy crepe de chine is called length', or 'terry ratio'. 'canton crepe' which is slightly • crepe I ribbed and now mostly made in 1. a fabric characterised by an I rayon. ered surface. The appearance may be a result of the use I a satin fabric in which highly of high twist yarns, embossing, twisted yarns are used in the chemical treatment or a crepe I filling direction.

Widely used during the I middle ages, but in the 17th a component of trash in cotton century it was only used for lin- in the form of a heterogeneous I assortment of vegetable fragmg. ments, most of them being _ centre front small pieces of leaf and stalk. it is the portion of the pattern I - challis or the garment which is sup- I pose to come in the exact front. 1. a lightweight, soft plain I weave fabric with a slightly - centrifugal spinning I brushed surface. The fabric is a method of man-made fibre often printed, usually in a floproduction in which the molten I ral pattern.

Face, a soft hand , and good ~ • child's pudding drape. It is made with fine I small round hats for children high twisted yarns and has an I made of cloth or straw, formeven or close to even number ing a shock-absorber to protect of threads per inch in the ~ them if they fell. andilkweft. Originally ~ • chi na S1·lk rnadems but now found in;. polyester and other man-made : s~ ongI~ally hand woven in filament yarns, used in dresses I chin~ of silk from the Bonabyx blouses, scarves, veils. ~on, v~ry soft and extremely lightweIght but fairly strong.

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