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If the fulcrum is far from the force, the load moves a little. So you only need a little force. If the fulcrum is close to the force, the load moves a lot. But you must use a lot of force. 31 This girl is trying to lift the lid of a paint can. She is using a screwdriver as a lever. How many kinds of levers are there? Chapter 5 KINDS OF LEVERS There are three kinds of levers. The lever you made from a ruler is one kind of lever. It is called a first-class lever. In a first-class lever, the fulcrum is between the load and the 32 force.

You will find the words defined in a glossary on page 46. What about Questions? Use questions to make sure the child understands the information in this book. Here are some suggestions: What did this paragraph tell us? What does this picture show? What do you think we’ll learn about next? What is force? Can force move in any direction? How are simple machines different from complicated machines? How do levers help people? What is the object a lever rests on called? How many kinds of levers are there?

Html> This challenging interactive quiz allows budding physicists to test their knowledge of work and simple machines. 45 GLOSSARY GLOSSARY complicated machines: machines that have many moving parts first-class lever: a lever that has its fulcrum between the load and the force force: a push or a pull fulcrum: the object a lever rests on lever: a stiff bar that is used to move other objects load: an object you want to move second-class lever: a lever that has its load between the fulcrum and the force simple machines: machines that have few moving parts third-class lever: a lever that has its force between the fulcrum and the load work: moving an object from one place to another 46 INDEX INDEX Pages listed in bold type refer to photographs.

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