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The ideal mix of artwork feedback, artwork historical past, aesthetics, and studio construction.

ArtTalk has improved its insurance of artwork background, bolstered its know-how integration positive factors, and positioned extra emphasis at the acting arts - all whereas conserving its specialize in a media method of the weather and rules of artwork.

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6 cm (72 ϫ 64Љ). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York. Purchase. The Cape Branch Foundation and Lila Acheson Wallace Gifts, 1983. 171) © Janet Fish/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY. However, rather than seeing the elements of texture (shiny and bumpy), color (red), shape (round), and line (thin and yellow) separately, you see the bowl of raspberries as a whole. You visually “read” the elements together. Sometimes the differences between the elements are not clear-cut. A line may be so wide that it looks like a shape, or an artist may manipulate light and dark values to indicate different surface textures.

What message does this work communicate to you? ” In interpretation you will explain or tell the meaning or mood of the work. It is here that you can make guesses about the artwork, as long as they appear to be supported by what you see in the work. Use your intelligence, imagination, and courage. Don’t be afraid to make an interpretation that is different from someone else’s. After all, you are different from other people. Your interpretation will be influenced by what you have experienced and seen in your life.

8, also by the same artist. What are the similarities and differences between the artworks? Can you draw any conclusions about Kirchner’s individual style? Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Seated Woman. 1907. Oil on canvas. 1 cm (313ր4 ϫ 357ր8Љ). The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The John R. Van Derlip Fund. Step Three: Interpretation In order to find the answers for this step you will have to do some research. You will discover that the artist was active in a group of young, adventurous artists in Germany who called themselves Die Brücke (The Bridge) and that their work was part of a larger movement known as German Expressionism.

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