Between nihilism and faith : a commentary on Either/or - download pdf or read online

By Karsten Harries

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ISBN-13: 9783110226898

If the Enlightenment grew to become to cause to reoccupy where left vacant via the dying of God, the final centuries have undermined such religion in cause. we won't break out this historical past. the threat of nihilism haunts Either/Or. To exorcize it really is Kierkegaard´s so much basic drawback. yet the place are we to show? To a classy transfiguration of, or get away from fact? Does ethics promise a solution? Or is all that's left an irrational bounce to faith? All such questions are shadowed by way of the threat of Kitsch. What does it suggest to be genuine within the sleek global?

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The finite is negated in order to liberate us from the hold it has on us. Thus the ironist criticizes the establishment, criticizes the accepted standard of morality, of life in general, not for the sake of reform, but for the sake of freedom. 62 The ironist looks at what the world has to offer him as material that he can play with as he sees fit. That such an ironist would have difficulty with marriage is evident. It becomes a paradigm of the way social institutions fetter us. And yet the ironist dreams of marriage, even as he is afraid of it.

This is good fortune in history, the divine interplay of the historic forces, the festival period of the historic epoch. The accidental has only one factor. It is accidental that Homer, in the history of the Trojan War, acquired the most remarkable epic subject matter imaginable. Good fortune has two factors: It is fortunate that this most remarkable epic subject matter came into the hands of Homer. Here the emphasis is just as much on Homer as on the subject matter. Here is the deep harmony that pervades every production we call classic.

So also with Mozart. ”88 As already mentioned, just as Leibniz’s Monadology invites us to look at the world as a cosmos, Hegel’s philosophy invites us to look at history as forming such a whole, presided over and held together by his Absolute. And just as the Monadology can be looked at as profoundly aesthetic production, so can Hegel’s philosophy of history, so indeed can his entire philosophical production. ”90 Don Giovanni is said to be a classical work. What then makes something such a 87 88 89 90 EO1, EO1, EO1, EO1, 47 / SKS 2, 55.

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