Philosophy and the Patience of Film in Cavell and Nancy by Daniele Rugo PDF

By Daniele Rugo

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Daniele Rugo explains how Jean-Luc Nancy and Stanley Cavell's courting with movie calls for the surrendering of philosophical mastery, and that it's accurately this act in view of the area that brings Cavell and Nancy to the examine of film.

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Following this trajectory one could say that the book on cinema is devoted to the question of the world, in particular to the intersection at which the world is lost to us and we are lost to it. If then the aim here is that of tracing what role film plays in Cavell’s philosophical gesture, the attention should turn primarily not to what Cavell writes about cinema, but to what leads him there. What then does the title say? The title names primarily the world. It does therefore identify as a primary concern the question of the world.

In this process human existence is then what gets in the way rather than what allows us to relate to the world. In order to obtain certainty the philosopher dismisses human existence and our ways of relating to the world. In the philosopher’s investigation we, including the philosopher himself, become the obstruction to knowing the world, not because we are ignorant, confused or shallow, but simply because essentially we do stand in the way of the transformation of the world into an object; we block this possibility by our dealing with it on a daily basis.

As he puts the situation of the male protagonist in the comedy of remarriage, one must be able to show ‘that he is not attempting to command but that he is able to wish, and consequently to make a fool of himself’ (PH: 32). The possibility to make a claim that is not commanding but accepting of the command of otherness, the expression of a wish, is part of the transformation of the skeptical obsession. The slap has to be accepted in the economy of living; making a fool of oneself is part of our ability to express desire, to confirm our interest.

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