Boundary Holding, a proprietary investment fund company, is based out of Luxembourg and invests globally in both young and established companies that are primarily dealing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company is majorly an investment fund that invests its own money in all the investment ventures and thus, it’s closely involved in all functionalities. We, at Boundary Holding, seek to invest in capital-efficient business models of tech-entrepreneurs to find their strides. We also access the potential market opportunities of a business, and maintain allegiance towards the entrepreneurial roots and ideals.

If a project meets our select criterion, we may choose to invest in a quality project from any sector or location as we are neither market specific nor geographic specific in choosing our area of investment. Aside from Artificial intelligence, we also deal in other sectors like Big Data Analytics, Drones, critical infrastructure, homeland security, intelligence fusion technologies, emergency handling systems for disaster management, banking and financial segment, sensors with inbuilt analytics, fraud detection in immigration and video surveillance among others. We believe in making mutually conducive investments with our associates in products/ solutions that can revolutionize the face of security across the globe. Boundary Holding primarily invests in Angel/Seed funds, Distressed funds, and Venture capital funds mainly across Artificial Intelligence Technology and others.

Artificial intelligence is like an ember that is gradually enlightening the path to a technologically-advanced future by transforming the way we work and live. From quantum computing to computational genetics, data science to machine learning, smart cities to robotic and embedded systems, precision medicine to smart health etc., we aim to invest ahead of the AI revolution. We also seek to partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs, who have the ability to bring remarkable changes across different industries powered by AI.