Who We’re Looking For

Artificial intelligence is one of the most evolutionary advancements since Industrial Revolution. After years of experimentation, AI is now fueling the next wave of contemporaneity and providing opportunities to companies and investors. We fund a handful of AI ventures with innovative/novel ideas that solve a particular pain point and help their clients in becoming enduring able businesses. From the very initial stage through all chapters of growth and development, we back the zealous founders with unique insights, as they sow the seeds of their hard work and cultivate them into revolutionary companies of the future.

Corporate Innovators

Intelligent machines are rapidly transforming the way businesses operate. If you have the domain knowledge as to what works and what doesn't, we will get you at the helm of the game.

Al Enthusiasts and Tech-Entrepreneurs

We constantly seek for ‘sui generis’ ideas regarding how Al will impact the world in near future. Let us know about your innovative project, and we will help your startup reach the next level and attain the success it deserves.