Internest is a Paris-based startup that provides autonomous technology and precise landing on fixed and mobile platforms to rotatory wings even in harsh climatic conditions. The firm is recognised as one of the 40 most promising startups of STATION F.

Internest provides a robust and precise positioning Local Landing System (LoLaS) so that the rotatory wings can make their landings more secure. LoLas is a unique system that uses ultrasound to provide reliable positioning and guidance precise to the centimetre. Internest is serving a significant number of clients in developing safe landing systems in an extreme environment and geographical conditions from across the nations including Sweden, Japan, the US, Germany, Singapore, and Spain.

Internest has also worked with global leaders such as Airbus, Nexter, and Naval Group to integrate LoLaS into their platforms. The most recent one is the partnership of Musthane and Internest for the creation of a secured landing solution for rotatory wings.