Recent Investments

Investing in the Additional Runway

Investment is about building the future that lies ahead. Our investment opportunities are focused on AI, because it drives the future of how machines, data and technologies are being programmed.

And by channelizing our deep domain expertise into identifying investment opportunities, we back AI companies that have a seemingly high potential in impacting conventional industries or society.

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Providing the right support

We speed up innovation by sharing ideas – providing tips to meet resources, build relationships and garner industry knowledge.

Global Experience

Our investment managers engage globally, and help us make the right investment decision.

Domain Expertise

With our technical expertise, we understand how artificial intelligence is impacting multiple industries across the world.

Widespread Network

Our global network helps amplify startups by helping reach newer markets and resources.


Stories around how we gauge the market, nurture beliefs, and put our opinion about technologies, and their integration across vivid industries.


Towards > Tomorrow

We invest in AI-based companies across the world to help build a technologically-advanced and sustainable future. We are focused on identifying entrepreneurs, backed by powerful vision and concepts to drive the future.