About the company

Boundary Holding, a proprietary investment fund company, is based out of Luxembourg and invests globally in both young and established companies that are primarily dealing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company is majorly an investment fund that invests its own money in all the investment ventures and thus, it’s closely involved in all functionalities. We, at Boundary Holding, seek to invest in capital-efficient business models of tech-entrepreneurs to find their strides. We also access the potential market opportunities of a business, and maintain allegiance towards the entrepreneurial roots and ideals.


Futuristic Applications of Artificial Intelligence


AI will allow people to spend more energy on value creation and focus less on non-routine tasks.


AI technologies will modernize end-to-end processes, eliminating time and distance aspects along with human limitations.


AI will unbind the confined value of data. Sophisticated and integrated analytics will constantly run on the company’s huge data sets.

How We Select

Boundary Holding is endowed with the responsibility to wisely select a firm, which is promising enough and inherits adequate potential, so as to take a prudent decision with its investment. We look out for the following abilities in a company and its entrepreneur while making the crucial decision of selecting to invest in it.

  • - Sundar Pichai
    AI is probably the most important thing that humanity has ever worked on.
    - Sundar Pichai
  • - Jeff Bezos
    We are now solving problems with the artificial intelligence that were in the realm of science fiction for several decades.
    - Jeff Bezos


The concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has matured drastically. The limitation of what is possible is a thing of the past.

However, implementing AI in the traditional arenas requires a collaborative approach.Being pragmatic performers and out-of-the-box thinkers, we get inspired by the zeal and creativity of tech-entrepreneurs who bring some sui generis AI-focused projects on the table.

With AI and machine learning, we are passionate to transform the human-machine interaction in ways never imagined before; essentially reinventing how businesses operate and thrive.