Founded by Rajat Khare, Boundary Holding is a European investment firm which invests in Artificial Intelligence companies that integrate revolutionary technologies around IoT, Analytics, Drones and Big Data. Primarily acting as an interim financing company, Boundary Holding identifies investment opportunities across the globe in efficient business models. It narrows down on firms that have converted unconventional ideas into a reality, and have the potential to grab upcoming market opportunities. Bridging the gap between seed investments and series A, the company’s funds are directed primarily to companies that show a remarkable technology and revenue trajectory, while integrating seamlessly with its business vision, which is – investing in technology that is not just progressive but revolutionizing.

Investing in the Additional Runway

For us, investment is not about  yesterday, or today, but about the tomorrow that lies ahead. Most of our investment opportunities are focused on AI, because it drives the future of how machines, data and technologies are being programmed.

And by channelizing our deep domain expertise into identifying investment opportunities, we back AI companies that have a seemingly high potential in impacting conventional industries or society.