Board Of Directors

Lassana Traore

Responsible for overseeing operations pertaining to corporate governance and financial analysis, Lassana Traore is a board member and the corporate officer of Boundary Holding. He simultaneously works at Hoche Partners Corporate Services S.A. and has also worked as a legal manager and an assistant managing director at Caldia Fiduciaire S.A. and Maison Moderne, respectively. He is an alumnus of University of Luxembourg.

Violene Rosati

One of the board members of Boundary Holding, Violene Rosati comes with an experience of more than 16 years. She has worked for several companies in Luxembourg, including Wood, Appleton, Oliver & Co Ltd, FIDEOS Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, among others. Rosati is one of the partners at Hoche Partners Corporate Services S.A.S. and Head of the Corporate Services. She continues to act as a Company Director in various international corporate organizations, contributing to their strategic development.