Our Investment Deciding Criteria

Boundary Holding is endowed with the responsibility to wisely select a firm, which is promising enough and inherits adequate potential, so as to take a prudent decision with its investment. We look out for the following abilities in a company and its entrepreneur while making the crucial decision of selecting to invest in it:


Novel Business Idea

An enterprise working on an absolutely original business idea, similar to which anything else has never existed in the business market till yet. Undoubtedly, logical reasoning and a sensible objective is imperative but innovation, be it laced with some degree of risk, is certainly your answer to success.


Technologically Superior

It’s all going digital across the globe and almost everybody speaks the language of the smart virtual world today. The digital cosmos offers varied opportunities to cash on, and a company can be anything but victorious when in the absence of technological superiority.



While it is surely half the battle won when you have a remarkable business idea but what follows along, if not prior to it, is the feasibility of that idea. If your business idea isn’t practically applicable given the prevailing circumstances, time and location, then, even a great business can face massive failure.



Leadership- Although it is highly important to be a team player and have sense of togetherness with your people, but it is equally critical to know when, how and towards where to lead them. Even the best of people are bound to go astray in a poorly lead environment while good leadership can bring out the best in one and all.


Functional Intelligence & Expertise

As they say, it is easier said than done, it is not a cakewalk when it actually comes to putting your plan into action. For an intellectually able idea to succeed, a company needs to have the matching level of competence and expertise as well as the functional intelligence for business execution.