InfiniDome: InfiniDome, a cyber start-up is making its way forward in the mobility technology. The company created uproar by naming itself as the first start-up offering one-stop-shop wireless end-to-end protection solution which works on autonomous technology. Through enriching the existing system with sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytical capabilities, InfiniDome extends intelligent product solutions that could make independent decisions based on the data they collect. InfiniDome’s first product, GPSdome, the world’s first non-military GPS anti-jammer/ anti-spoofer, is commercially available and already deployed worldwide to protect trucks, UAVs, Critical Infrastructure, and vehicles.

Boundary Holding strives to strategically use AI advancements to provide for agile reconfigurable and self-correcting systems, enabling better security and navigation through its investment in Infinidome’s technology offerings,.